Today, hotels have to analyze, predict, optimize and rationalize lots of data in real time, and then distribute their rooms to an ever growing number of sales channels and dynamically manage the best price to sell them at, as well as where to actually sell them.
So speed and agility are prerequisites for success, and simple to use solutions are needed for better success

The Platform

A modern reservations & distribution platform, that can handle today’s and tomorrow’s requirements for all eDistribution. With integrated market intelligence & rate optimization modules. Easy to deploy, simple to use and full control.

  • rezNG · CRS
  • bookNG · IBE
  • phoneNG · Call Centre

The Toolbox

The Toolbox, a holistic approach, contains exactly the right selection of modules that help and assist revenue managers in their activities, with powerful price recommendations and pickup benchmarks, managing online reputation & feedback from guests

  • webNG · Hotel Websites
  • portalNG · Mini Portals
  • dashNG · Custom Dashboards
  • OutPerform · Revenue Management System
  • Market Informer · Rate Shopper
  • HotelTime · PMS
  • Vento · ePos System
  • Libero · Wellness & Spa System
  • Confero · Conference System

Managed Services

Sometimes software solutions alone are not enough. Beyond software support is always strategic decisions that need competence. Competent revenue & yield managers are a scarce resource, and also well managed hotels sometimes benefit much from external review.

  • metaNG
  • The Hub
  • auditNG
  • consultNG
  • manageNG

Cloud based solutions for any hotel type

If you’re not using a software solution to manage your hotel, you are missing out on efficiencies, guest experiences, and revenue. NGO can help you to get on track with cloud-based software solutions that work with your business for success for years to come.
Leverage our powerful yet simple to use platform to manage your hotel's guest flow, optimize your reservations, optimize your inventory and maximize your profits. Key metrics on demand with real-time data visualizations for performance analysis.

We manage your Electronic Distribution Strategy and guarantee maximum revenue by helping you make sense of the market, competitor’s pricing, rating and ranking.

Your ideas and needs are what directly drive our Product Development…You don’t have to wait years for a good idea to be implemented. Get customized software now!

Powered by HSDS…Over 16 years of experience in the hotel industry, with cutting edge technology, flexibility and know-how which is almost unparalleled.

"We are very happy with our new CRS-System. We are proud to be able to work with such a great booking machine. We thank you for the sensational work you have done over the past weeks and months as we know this was a hard piece of work that we would not have achieved without you. Alone all the subtleties and details and our special wishes. We are looking forward to working with you and we know that we have a strong partner at our side to enable our guests a wonderful and easy booking experience on our website.”

Sebastian Schulz & Ulrike GröverRevenue Management and Operational Systems

"I run the leading Outsource Revenue Management Company in Argentina & one of the biggest in Latin America: iP Hoteles. I was looking for the best solution on the market, to help my operation run more efficiently.
I looked at absolutely all the solutions available and when I found OutPerform RMS the decision was simple.
We have been using the solution and are amazed. We are currently running over one hundred properties and the results are amazing. The figures speak for themselves!"

Ignacio Peña AyerzaRevenue Manager & Owner at iP Hoteles, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I was amazed to discover OutPerform RMS, the tool I had been dreaming about.
Now instead of multiple applications with Rate Shopping, Event Shopping etc. lots of excels, I have one application which does everything. Clear and simple to use, for me it was a revolution.
Already in the first year we have seen great results!"

Riccardo CoccoRevenue Management expert, Hotel Manager and Consultant, Italy

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