Improve your Revenue Management

consultNG is an optimization program that accompanies your hotel in all tactical and strategic Revenue Management tasks and questions. With consultNG, your hotel will be periodically assessed, be coached on the job and receive recommendations for even better revenue. The consultNG program can be tailored to the individual hotel needs both in weighting of topics and scope of contribution.

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Review, improve, repeat

Review your hotel performance and improve processes based on reports and recommendations

Conduct auditNG as foundation for all activity and implement perceived and agreed opportunity from auditNG
Supply customized report templates, tools and best practice procedures
Repeat auditNG quarterly (or in customized rhythms)
Review bi-weekly current booking pace performance and supply reports and recommendations
Review bi-weekly current market mix performance and supply reports and recommendations
Review bi-weekly current distribution performance and supply reports and recommendations
Implementation of and participation in Revenue Management Meeting at month-end review
Call in Service providing consulting on ad-hoc questions
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Improve your direct booking action plan

BookNG helps your hotel brand to personalize user experience, engage and convert customers in simple and creative ways.

Easy customer journey with clear call-to-action ensures good conversions and performance of hotel direct channel
Additional revenue opportunity from dynamic packaging and special offer page
Customizable user journey and user experience
No system maintenance requirement
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Your benefits using consultNG

  • Optimization of overall market performance and gain of revenue opportunity
  • Customized ongoing support in transparent and structured manner
  • Strong control on sale of inventory at optimized strategies
  • Fresh perspectives and preventing risk of incrusted structures and strategies
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