ePOS System

Vento ePOS is a superior cash and stock system for restaurants & bars. It operates as a stand-alone system or connected via a 2-way interface to HotelTime PMS. The interface offers fast posting of transactions to guest room accounts. The interface to HotelTime also supports the posting of revenue and payment breakdowns from all tills for daily closure.

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Cloud-based back-office

The managerial back-office is an internet application, accessible from any computer connected to the internet anytime ordering instant live access to unbilled tables in real-time, live stock movement, actual revenue, all in real time, without any need to for the daily closure.

Real-time stock keeping

The complete stock-keeping itinerary with unlimited number of stock items and stock movements. Deductions from the stock are immediate after sending of the order to the cash desk.


Vento enables high level of customisation of both the till front-end (tables layout, buttons set-up, function buttons) at standard restaurant cash registers with touch displays but also of the back office systems enabling restaurants to have various locations, printer set-up, user-rights setting and much more.

Mobile Solutions

The option of connection to the ’mobile’ waiters using our Vento technology developed for standard tablets compatible with Windows & Bluetooth printers, considerably reducing hardware costs.

Strong reporting and controlling

Vento contains complete managerial reporting with economic results, including the food cost calculations, stocks inventory as per a specific date period, records of sales by date/time and/or individual waiters etc.

Events & Banquets support

Special tools for managing events & banquets enables F&B managers to see the food costs of the F&B in advance and plan accordingly. This tools is also suitable for day-by-day stock control and cost overview of buffet meals like breakfast or dinner.

Loyalty Tools

Vento enables restaurants to run different loyalty programs and includes database of guests with their profiles, records of sales, discount levels and happy hour settings, bonus program based on sales, loyalty cards, option of pre-paid credit etc.

PMS Integration

Vento is fully integrated with HotelTime PMS and enables room billing as well as transfer of managerial reporting data.