Revenue Management

For some, often smaller, hotels, professional Revenue Management personnel is financially not viable; other hotels do not want major changes, if facing vacation or sabbatical leave of its dedicated staff. Again other hotels simply want to cover the period when Revenue Management personnel changes.

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manageNG supplies hotels with a dedicated, external competent revenue manager, who conducts all required Revenue Management tasks in the name of the contract hotel – either temporarily or as a continuous duty.
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Full pack: audit, consult, manage

External Revenue Management to optimize your hotel’s performance. Review, assess and improve your performance driven by experts in Revenue Management field.

assembles all basic foundation from auditNG to ensure profound understanding of the contract hotel
applies the same competence as consultNG for continuous benchmarking of current performance
provides daily review of pace and pick up aligned with expected performance to identify required activity where needed
provides daily brief report either per call or email to ensure transparent status to contract hotel
conducts any required change of market positioning across all channels based on the daily reporting
serves for continuous optimization of selling and distribution strategy, aiming for best revenue at least cost of distribution
ensures mid-term and long-term strategy on hotel market positioning in conjunction with contract hotel
includes bi-monthly review workshop on site with hotel management
can include modification of local PMS system configuration
may be tailored in scope and weighting of topics based on individual hotel requirements
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Your benefits using manageNG

  • Cost effective professional Revenue Management competence
  • Transparent application of Revenue Management duties, while remaining in control as the contracted hotel
  • On average revenue increase by 3% to 7% after introduction of manageNG
  • Expanded Revenue Management culture throughout hotel operation
  • High flexibility on ensuring Revenue Management on a daily basis
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