Rates & Other Data
Shopping Software

Market Intelligence Reporting tool, offering info on the rates of your most important competitors.
Delivers reports on rate comparison, rate evolution, guest reviews and Events in your hotel’s destination.

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Looking at your market

Rates and other data shopping reports displayed in different views: calendar, table and chart.

Dynamic Length of Stay (multiple LoS)
Room Restrictions and Rate Restrictions
Rate Evolution
Displays all the available rates, not just the BAR
Exportable reports
Rates per room type
Events shopper

Main features

  • Shops the rates of your most important competitors
  • Shops rates for custom number days
  • Market demand for custom number days
  • Competition Reputation Analysis: Review score, Number of reviews, channel value index on OTA
  • Event shopping

Real time reporting

Scheduled shops and real time reporting assuring to always display the most recent shop data for each arrival date by using SHOP NOW option.

Your benefits using Market Informer

  • ”Dynamic LoS” ensures that hotels are less often displayed as “closed”
  • Display of Market Availability
  • Graphical display tab for each report
  • Display of Guest Rating
  • Events Shopping
  • Simple and detailed filtering option offer displaying only the relevant data
  • Rate shopping data is available from many sources, including many OTAs, some Brand Sites and GDS
  • Data can be shopped daily by schedule or ad-hoc on demand
  • Real time reporting – always display the most recent shop data for each arrival date
  • Shop reports – display the arrival dates shopped with the respective shop scenario
  • Automatic email alerts (includes attachment with freshest rates)
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